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Ton Duc Thang University launched the TDTU Runners club

On the morning of August 25, 2018, the Faculty of Sports Science initiated and established the TDTU RUNNERS CLUB with initial participation of nearly 10,000 TDTU teachers, staff and students.

For the purpose of nurturing a sense of well-being and maintaining regular physical exercise habits, TDTU RUNNERS CLUB aims to encourage each member to voluntarily run at the time and place of their choice; and will run at Tan Phong TDTU on the last Sunday of each month.

Especially, right after the establishment, TDTU RUNNERS CLUB has cooperated with VNG Corporation to deploy UPRACE project from August 23 to September 24, 2018. For each kilometer recorded through the Strava application, each TDTU lecturer and student when participating in running will contribute 1.000VND to the Newborns Vietnam Fund, a charity established in the UK with the aim of minimizing infant mortality and improving maternal health care in Southeast Asia, especially in Viet Nam. Ending the first run around the Tan Phong campus on the morning of August 25, 2018, TDTU RUNNERS CLUB estimated the amount of money contributed to the Newborns Vietnam Fund was about 15 million.

With the message "Be healthy to serve the Fatherland", TDTU RUNNERS CLUB has brought the opportunities for exchanges, connecting individuals who love sports together; building up the habit of jogging and / or practicing daily exercise to train the body in the community of lecturers, students and society.

Some pictures of launching TDTU RUNNERS CLUB:



PhD. Nguyen Van Bac, Dean of Faculty of Sports Science delivering the speech of establishing TDTU RUNNERS CLUB





TDTU lecturers and students was excited to participate in TDTU RUNNERS CLUB with “Be healthy to serve the Fatherland” spirit















The members of TDTU RUNNERS CLUB have completed the road running around 
the Tan Phong campus to support the Newborns Vietnam Fund