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About us

About us


On 31st December 2014, The Center Of Enterprise Cooperation And Alumni (CECA) was inaugurated. CECA is one of fifteen functional centers under gorvernance of Ton Duc Thang University.


The center is an advisory unit for the president in term of making decision and taking main responsibilities in organizing the cooperative activities, as well as in developing the types of cooperation between the university and enterprises, agencies, organizations, individuals and alumni. All CECA activities are to provide support, advice, sponsorship and improvement of study and research quality and performance of students.


a.   Consulting job opportunities for Ton Duc Thang University’s students. We also work as an headhunter for enterprises who are in demand.

b.   Cooperating with other functional bodies to conduct surveys of graduated student’s employment status. Furthermore, we also supervise and evaluate feedbacks from enterprises, individuals whether TDTU students’ abilities meet employers’ demands.

c.   Receiving, creating and managing enterprises and alumnies data. We establish and mantain CECA’s website as a contact tool.

d.   Cooperating with other Centers, Departments and Faculties of Ton Duc Thang University to build up and expand relationship among enterprises and alumni. We take responsibilities for hosting human resource training events and science research requested by enterprises, units, organizations, individuals and transfer of technology among enterprises, companies with Faculties, Institute, Centers, Departments of TDTU.

e Inviting enterprises and alumni to take part in lecturing, consulting, developing courses’s objectives, syllabus, curriculum, materials, question bank for exams, etc. to evaluate students’ professional skills as well to ensure the training content of the University are suitable and to satisfy strict requirements of the labor market;

f   Inviting enterprises and alumni to participate in CECA’s workshops, practical experiences talkshow, career orientation events, etc. to assist TDTU’s students. Moreover, we also introduce them to designated faculties so as to provide internship opportunities, part-time job and full-time job for students.

g.   Developing  and consolidating the Alumni Association's activities. Together with TDTU Alumni Association, the activities of CECA will also be developed and implemented. Furthermore, we will enhance the image of the Faculty and TDTU in view of business, alumni, as well as introduce alumni's companies with current students through a variety of  the Association’s activities. Informing alumni of supporting programs from TDTU.

h.   Organising fundraising campaigns; receiving supports from companies, enterprises, agencies, individuals, etc. Coordinating with concerned bodies to build and participate in managing the Student Support Fund of TDTU;

i.   Coordinating with enterprises to organize or directly organize (when authorized) short-term refresher classes, soft skills classes to equip learners with ingenuity, knowledge and better solutions for their daily work. Introducing the program and reporters in this area to other functional units in TDTU.

j.    Consulting and supporting other relating departments to counsel students regarding personal issues.

Personnel structure

Mr. Tang Khac Quy - Director

Mr. Pham Nhat Phuong - Officer

Mr. Pham Minh Tam - Officer

Ms. Huynh Thi Thu Lan - Officer

Mr. Phan Nhut Minh - Officer