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The Color Consultant Experts

Jill Morton
Color Psychologist and Branding Expert

Jill Morton

Jill Morton is one of the most knowledgeable color experts and researchers in the world today. She holds a Masters Degree in Design and has served as faculty at several universities.

As founder of Colorcom, she brings the highest level of technical and professional knowledge about color to a wide range of projects. Psychological color impact, innovative color combinations, attractive color harmonies, visual ergonomics and marketing trends are the critical factors she addresses in prescribing successful solutions for her global clients.

Morton is the author of the Color Voodoo series of books about color symbolism and color theory. As director of the International Color Research Institute, she manages the Global Color Database, a one-of-a-kind compilation of information about color preferences and associations gathered from over 120,000 people worldwide, since 1997. Morton is also the webmaster, author and illustrator of the award-winning web site, Color Matters - a leading source for information about color on the web today.

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Lawrence Peterson
Designer and Author
Larry Peterson is a writer and an expert in the area of global color symbolism today. He is the author of Global Graphics: Color.

Kevin Morrison
Information Technology Expert, Database Programmer, Web Designer
Kevin brings 16 years of technology to our team. He's also a former Marine. We guarantee that he'll fight for the best technical solutions for our clients.

Corey Taira
Database Programmer and iPhone App Designer
Corey is an expert in database programming and iPhone app design. As the newest member of our team, he brings the highest level of skills to Colorcom's design team.


5 Reasons Why We're Different

Colorcom has redefined color consultation and has brought it to a much higher level than what has existed before. We offer the same services as other experienced consultants, but with more expertise and unique abilities. Here's why:

  1. Our staff has the highest academic credentials. Our primary consultants have Masters degrees in design areas. You can trust that we bring the highest level of technical and professional knowledge to all our projects. Furthermore, we provide consultation in a wide range of specialized areas. Marketing trends, innovative color combinations, and visual ergonomics are a few of the factors that we address.
  2. We're the experts that media seek when color makes the news. Fortune Magazine, USA Today, Entrepreneur and many others have quoted Jill Morton, the principal consultant at Colorcom. Our opinions are well-informed and highly respected by the media. We bring the same to our clients. (Link to our Press Room for more info and links to our quotes in these articles.
  3. We have a unique color database that consists of input from more than 120,000 people from all over the globe. We provide our clients with statistical facts based on an analysis of this data. For example, if a client needs to know which colors American men, ages 30-55, associate with dependability and high technology, we can generate the answers, as well as an interpretation of trends. (See Demographic Research and Consumer Color Preferences)
  4. We've published the most up-to-date books about color symbolism and color theory available today. Colorcom's principal consultant, Jill Morton is the author of the Color Voodoo series of books about color. Prestigious universities, such as Rocky Mountain School of Design, use these books as textbooks. Distinguished clients such as the U.S. State Department, Gallo Vineyards and many others have purchased these publications as a resource for their design team.
  5. Finally, our award-winning educational web site, Color Matters, is the #1 source for information about color on the web today. It provides invaluable information about color's relationship to physics, architecture, optics, user-interface and countless other areas.

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