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TDTU Graduation Ceremony in April 2017

On the morning of April 28th 2017, TDTU honorably organized a graduation ceremony in April, 2017. The ceremony was attended by the presidential board, faculty deans, department heads, lecturers, parents and 88 master students and 1128 bachelor students in engineering who were awarded degrees. Delivering a speech at a graduation ceremony, Prof. Lê Vinh Danh, the TDTU President has honorably congratulated all the new degree holders on their hard work and efforts to complete their demanding programs successfully.

Besides intellectual and moral backgrounds, students are trained at school as well as obtaining an English proficiency level equivalent to IELTS 5.0/ TOEIC 500, Computer Skill MOS from 750/1.000 points or above. With physical strength and activeness, the university hopes and trusts all the new masters and bachelors of engineering will keep striving not only to fulfil their ambitions and filial duties to their parents and the country, but also to enhance the university’s reputation from their future success.

On this occasion, TDT has also awarded 2 masters who graduated with outstanding grades; 28 new bachelors of engineering who graduated with excellent grades and 173 new bachelors of engineering who graduated ahead of schedule. There are some notable graduates such as: new bachelor Trương Hải Bằng who is currently working at the Nha Trang Research and Applied Technology Institute, and graduated with a Good degree and an average grade of 8.12 in all subject; new bachelor from the Faculty of Mathematics & Statistics Trần Mai Tuyết Hương graduated with a Good degree and ahead of schedule – this year s/he was valedictorian with an average grade of 8.73 in all subjec-  and new engineer from the Faculty of Environment and Labor Safety Nguyễn Thanh Tuấn, won the title Elite Bachelor with a TOEIC score of 965/990.

The Graduation Ceremony and awarding of diplomas in April 2017 at TDTU took place in a solemn atmosphere, left a beautiful impression on the New Masters, Bachelors and Engineers, and the guests and parents. The university has been and will continue to innovate, improve the availability of quality education, continue the mission of training the younger generation to be solid professionals, who have good morals and will be global citizens.

Some pictures of the graduation ceremony

Entertainment shows celebrate graduation day


Professor Lê Vinh Danh, TDTU Principal congratulated the New Masters and Bachelors of Engineering


Diploma moments of the New Masters



New Masters Trần Tấn Quang is the representative of the Masters of Khanh Hoa Province to
give flowers to Mr. Lê Tuấn Tứ, Director of Khanh Hoa Department of Education and Training


New Bachelors Trương Hào Phú (Faculty of Information Technology) gave a speech at the ceremony


Professor Lê Vinh Danh had pictures taken with
the Bachelors of Engineering who graduated with an Excellent grade degree


Associate Professor Ph.D Nguyễn Thời Trung, TDTU Vice-president
awarded certificates to the New Bachelors of Engineering who graduated ahead of schedule


New Bachelors of Engineering photographed with the Dean,
which marked a turning point in their academic careers


New Masters and Bachelors of Engineering are always taken care by lecturers
as the first days in TDTU


New Bachelors of Engineering are eager before receiving their diplomas


A joyful atmosphere on Graduation day filled the TDTU campus


The success of the New Bachelors of Engineering is the pride and happiness of their parents



Graduation day becomes more meaningful to confide “When I graduate! The school has just rounded 20”