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Hoàng Anh An Tiến (Gold House) - 187A Lê Văn Lương


Price: $270 ( Water, electricity and parking bills will split 3)


Housemates: 02 Vietnamese girls


Apartment: Hoàng Anh An Tiến (Gold House) - 187A Lê Văn Lương


My sister and I are going to move to this new place at the beginning of Oct. The original apartment was the penthouse, the owner separated it for rent, the square is bigger than other standard apartments (110m2).


I'm looking for a person either male or female to share this apartment. I'm Vietnamese, a fitness lover, I pursuit healthy lifestyle and currently work in the fitness industry.


The Room:

- Mattress, AC, table, wardrobe

The Apartment:

- Living room

- 2-bed rooms

- 2 restrooms

- Kitchen

- Balcony


The Interior


- TV, Air-con, mattress, microwave, washing machine, fridge, tables & chairs etc


Others: You can easily find the supermarkets, gym, and swimming pool downstairs.

Some pictures of the room